Feeding A Toddler Plant Based

Toddler Snacks, Plant Based Toddler

Feeding a plant based toddler is the never ending question. I mean, what does our toddler eat right!?!

When people find that I feed my toddler a plant based diet they usually look at me cross eyed like “WHAT do you feed him?!” I can always feel it coming, the same question, and I always answer the same way. He eats everything we eat. Feeding a plant based toddler is simpler than you would think. He eats no different, except maybe he snacks more than we do. I have never since the beginning of solid foods given him anything different than what we would eat. I mean I didn’t give him a bite of veggie burger as his first food, but I always gave him a version of what we have.

I think the key to feeding a plant based toddler is always being prepared (probably all toddlers in general). Whenever we go out I bring something he can snack on like nuts, cut up fruit, smoothies, rice cakes with almond or peanut butter, or baked goods like my Breakfast Cookies, Banana Blueberry Muffins, or Overnight Oats. Sometimes it is tough to be always prepared so I usually have boxes of organic raisins, fruit pouchesThat’s it bars, or seaweed in my bag in case, this way I always have something if hunger strikes or if we get caught up staying out of the house longer than anticipated. It is especially good to make sure you have something because if my toddler sees a kid snacking he automatically think he needs a snack too and you wouldn’t want to be caught without a snack when a toddler is all of suddenly hungry.

Here is what a day of food would look like for my boy;

Breakfast: Cut up fruit, green smoothie, overnight oats

Mid Morning Snack: More fruit, breakfast cookie

Lunch: A lot of the time we have leftovers (we always make more on purpose for lunches), hummus and veggies/crackers, more fruit, more smoothie

Afternoon snack: Edamame, roasted chick peas

Dinner: Falafel with lettuce and tomatoes

After dinner snack: Banana nice cream with almond butter and dates

All day I have water available for him in sippy cups, a lot of the time I add cucumber and lemon, because I love it so I thought he might too. We call it spa water haha.
I also offer whatever non dairy milk we have on hand, right now we are loving oat milk.